New Repair.Me

With the cold winter weather, your hair my be feeling damaged and in dire need of some restoration. The serious jolt of protein found in Kevin.Murphy’s new Repair.Me range will not disappoint.

What it does

Kevin.Murphy’s latest line is a three-part protein-boosting restoration system that will nourish, strengthen and protect your tresses without weighing it down.

How it works

Using naturally derived ingredients like green pea protein, papaya and pineapple enzymes, aloe leaf and bamboo extracts, acai and shea butter, the Repair.Me Wash, Repair.Me Rinse and Re.Store work from the inside out to improve strand strength, shine, moisture retention and nourishment

Best Use

Use the Repair.Me Wash and Repair.Me Rinse to reconstruct damaged, brittle hair and replace both once or twice a week with Re.Store, the no-foam cleaner which provides the hairshaft with an additional boost of naturally derived super food proteins that improves elasticity and reduces frizz.


Features & Benefits

Kevin Murphy Repair Me
Repair.Me Wash, Repair.Me Rinse, Re.Store

Sulphate Free

Paraben Free






Invisibobble StyleDo you get HEADACHES from wearing your hair up?

End the pain, and try the latest addition to our Hair Tool Collection


Invisibboble, with its innovative design will change how you put your hair up.

What are the benefits of using Invisibobble?

Invisibobble in Pink

  • Comfortable, no more headaches
  • Prevents split ends
  • Provides a strong grip and hold
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Hygienic
  • Virtually eliminates the need for bobby pins
  • Great for kids
  • And available in several fashionable colours



In the style of a telephone cord – the Invisibobble is virtually traceless!! No more kinks and lines that traditional pony holders create.



For further information on invisible style tips, give us a call, visit our salon, or


Classic Barbering

IMG_1095A good haircut, one with personality, can change a basic man into a stylish and mysterious character. With a good head of hair, you won’t need to buy loud sneakers, patterned suits or power socks!  You’re free to pass on pretty much every trend. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans will look like a thought out fashion statement. When the occasion calls for getting dressed up, no matter what you’re wearing, people will comment on how sharp you look

GQ Mens Magazine






 Client profile

        Client: Kyle
Occupation: Manager/Server/Bartender
Personal Style: Trendy Hipster
Favourite KMS product: Design Wax


Get the look

Kyles’ occupation requires him to look well groomed. He still wants to look trendy but needs to be taken seriously when interacting with staff and patrons – a finished look that’s polished and slick allows him to achieve just that. Kyle’s sylist,  Sheena, used classic barbering techniques when cutting Kyles’ hair. Instead of an extreme  “fade” which is the trend for many of our gentlemen clients today, Sheena chose to slowly decrease the length into his nape. (these options can be customized to each person – a “fade” right to the skin is possible and our stylists at The Cutting Room are trained to provide these precision looks).

After Care Products

To finish, Sheena applied KMS Styling foam and KMS Design Wax to Kyles’ towel-dried hair.  She then blow-dried his hair up at the roots for volume and height and shaped his hair into place with the aid of the Design Wax.

Sheena: “One of the favourite things I love about my job is educating my clients on how a little product can really enhance or change a look. The style I created is versatile – Kyle could use the texturizing KMS Molding Paste to create a more dishevelled feel, or apply the Design Wax for a smooth finish.


The KMS Design Wax separates and defines the hair, giving it flexible control and lasting shine. It has a malleable formula which allows the hair to be reworked. This product is perfect for men on the go that need all day style control.



KMS Styling foam is designed to provide hair with structured body, is a heat protectant and gives hair up to 70% more volume.


Earth Day


Celebrating Earth Day at the Cutting Room Creative!

We need your help!

Please bring in any of your old, expired, unused, partially used, (and never will be used) beauty products into the salon so they can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Its a great way to eliminate that product grave yard under your bathroom sink! Products such as hairspray, lotions, creams, gels, solids, and liquids. We will take any Beauty Products.

We will give all of the products to ‘Green Circle Salons‘ and they will keep those products out of our water systems and landfills.

Also if you have any unopened products we will donate them to the Haven Society.

As a Thank you and to show our appreciation, we will give you 1 Cutting Room Creative Dollar $ for every bottle, tube, can, or jar that you bring in.

We will be accepting products all week! April 21st – 25th, 2015

Thank you in advance for your commitment to keeping our environment safe.