KMS Hair Play

For incredible dimension & texture from matte sculpting & exaggerated texture through to fresh-washed shine.

Design Wax

For separation and shine

Gel Wax

Strong gel hold with a wax-like flexability

Clay creme

Matte sculpting and texture

Messing Creme

2nd day texture and grip

Molding Paste

Pliable texture and definition

Sea salt spray-

Tousled texture and matte finish

Dry Wax

dimensional texture and matte finish

Paste Up Spray

Exaggerated texture with lasting flexible hold

Playable Texture

Weightless styling and lasting, pliable finish

Make-Over Spray

Dry cleansing and style maintenace

Dry Touch-Up

Spray for instant surface care

Texture Shampoo

Added texture and bulk