Edwin Johnston

Edwin Johnston

Cutting Room Salon

Edwin & Fiona established the Cutting Room Creative in 1984. Over the years, Edwin has been mentor & teacher to stylists who have been fortunate to have worked with him and participated with him in a wide range of competitions.


2012 North American Master Hairstylist of the Year

3 times BC Salon of the Year

2010 Canadian Session Hairstylist of the Year

2010- Global Finalist of Goldwell’s Color Zoom ‘Partner’ Colorist of the Year (Paris, France)

2009- Canadian ‘Session Stylist’ of the Year

2009- Canadian Semi-finalist of Goldwell’s Trend Zoom ‘Elumen’ Category

2009-Canadian Semi-finalist of Goldwell’s Trend Zoom ‘Creative’ Category

2008 -Canadian Hairstylist of the Year

2008- Global Finalist of Goldwell’s Trend Zoom Creative Colorist of the Year (Valencia, Spain)

4 times BC Hairstylist of the Year

2005 North American Hairdressing Awards, Classic Hairstylist of the Year

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