The French Roll, or “Chignon”, derives from the French word meaning “at the nape”. The French Roll however, has transformed beyond the standard neck grazing bun into more current versions of leaning to the side or placed high or low. This hairstyle is timeless, and suits any occasion.

Re-create the Look

kms-styling-foamCandice started blowdrying the hair after applying KMS Add Volume Styling Foam throughout. Its’ heat protectant and hold factor (3/5) components are enough to create structured body yet still allows the hair to be pliable enough to be manipulated.

kevin murphy powder puffProducts That Create Instant Volume

A sprinkle of Kevin.Murphy Powder.Puff through the root area provides incredible lift and hold, a magical product for clients’ with fine hair requiring instant volume.

kms-medium-hold hairsprayHold The Style

Once the hair is secured in the French Roll, mist the style with KMS Medium Hold Hairspray. This working spray provides flexible, brush-able hold and has a humidity resistance, so if expecting a little moisture in the air, this will keep your style in place and looking polished.

& Make it Pretty

Accessorize your chignon with some glittery combs for more formal occasions, or pretty it up with some fresh floral for a light summery feel.

Ladies Upstyle

Ladies Upstyle by Candice