Mens Haircut

Mens Haircut by Karly

The Haircut

Karly opted for a more extreme variation of the Pompadour style on Kody by cutting to a close fade through the sides and back, blending in the length to accentuating the style and wave through the top.

KMS texture shampooStart

The Pompadour is a style that needs daily grooming to be “on point”. Even before styling begins, create a good base to the hair by using KMS Hair Play Texture Shampoo which adds “grit” to fine hair.

KMS Volumizing SprayStyle

Karly used KMS Volumizing Spray and worked it through Kody’s towel-dried hair. The product layers onto the hairshaft and creates intense fullness whilst also providing heat protection.

KMS Clay CremeFinish

Once blowdried, KMS Clay creme was used to sculpt and define the finished style