Growing your hair longer doesn’t need to look shabby.

If you want something different and are game for an edgier, bolder look, you can opt for this dramatic skin fade, whilst leaving the top long for a slicked-back style.

Mens Skin Fade

Mens haircut by Christine

The haircut

Joe’s naturally thick hair requires some “de-bulking” which allows him to style his hair back with ease. In a few months the resultant style will be an undercut with the length through the top. Christine recommends a bi-weekly express clean-up (a mini-service between full haircuts) to keep the dapper image.

KMS Gel Wax

KMS Hairplay Gel Wax


KMS Gel Wax was applied to towel dried hair for a “wet-look” finish. Why choose “Gel Wax” over using just a gel, or just a wax? It provides the perfect blend with the firm hold of a gel, but has the softness and pliability of a wax.