Mens haircut

Mens Haircut by Whitney

The Haircut

Liam has naturally thick, healthy hair. To give his hair shape and definition, Whitney clipper over-combed the back into a fade, leaving the length and weight through the top to add height when styled.  For ease of styling, a neat ‘hard parting” was shaved in. Most men are wary of shaving in a parting, however its a super handy trick to keep your style in check whether you’re a perfectionist and want a neat look 24/7, or you’re simply clueless about styling your hair! The shaved-in part is customized to suit your style and can be as fine or as thick as you feel comfortable with.

KMS Messing CReme

KMS Messing Creme

And style..

Whitney blowdried the hair using a vent brush to create the height and volume she required. She then used KMS Messing Creme and worked the product through Liams’ hair and gave a final brush through to style.


Use Messing creme in dry hair, it provides a 2nd day texture.

Work Messing Creme in wet hair to create instant grip and fullness.