Summer may be over but Beachy waves are not!

The look will always be on trend whether its to a casual occasion or paired up with heels & a little dress for a glam evening out.

We provide step by step details to create the perfect at home Beach waves!

Ingredients required:

3 x Invisibobbles

Tangle Teezer

For Matte Look with Chunky texture – KMS Sea Salt spray & Dry Wax


For Shiny Finish with Smooth texture – KMS AV Volumising Spray & Anti Humidity Seal

Diffuser (optional)


Dry Hair + Matte Product = Chunky Texture

Damp Hair + Shine Product = Smooth Texture

Prepare the Hair:

To create a matte look with chunky texture, apply a good misting of KMS Sea Salt Spray through-out the hair, from mid lengths to ends.

To create a Shiny finish with smooth texture, spritz AV Volumizing spray throughout the hair, mid lengths to ends.

Step One:

Brush hair through with your Tangle Teezer, and divide the hair into at least 3 sections – top, middle & nape.


Step 2:

Gather hair from first section at the top, twist the hair into a bun, and secure with Invisibobble. Repeat with each section and secure with Invisibobble.


Step 3 (Optional):

To speed up the process, especially for thicker hair, gently diffuse the secured hair on medium heat setting OR leave to air dry for a few hours until completely dry.