Goldwell Colour

Goldwell Colour

CRC Uses Only the Finest Hair Colour

Patented Technology

Elumen is a ‘colour’ unlike any other!

Elumen hair colour is breakthrough patented technology. It is the first oxidant-free colour without ammonia or peroxide. It causes no damage and provides outstanding vibrancy, shine and durability.

Incredible Shine

Elumen works exclusively with pure direct hair dyes, which are penetrated deep into the hair and anchored by a kind of magnetic attraction. The positively charged hair, draws in the negative charge of Elumen colour dyes and they hold in there with excellent durability while providing incredible shine.

Hair Colour Remains True & On Tone

Even when Elumen does finally start to fade in your hair, it fades ‘on tone’. This means it doesn’t change colors on you. A perfect example…. your cool reds~ won’t turn orange.

Try Elumen over all of your hair for incredible glossy shine that lasts- or just try a ‘fun’ color in a few foils.

29 Shades

With 29 different shades to choose from, the possibilities and combinations of colours are limitless. We will find that perfect customized tone just for you!


SilkLift Lightening System

Impress with power. Amaze with condition.

Lightening without compromises – active luminous blonde results & shiny, silky smooth hair at the same time with new innovative SilkLift lightening system.

Features & Benefits

  • Strong & fast-lifting of up to 7 levels.
  • Conditioning & structural balancing during the lightening processes due to the ShieldTechnology & the SilkproteinComplex.
  • Intensive Conditioning Serum adds additional care for stressed, fine & previously colour-treated / lightened hair.
  • Pleasant fragrance.

SilkLift System Technology

For targeted conditioning during the lightening process – exactly where it is needed.

  • SilkproteinComplex – is integrated into the Conditioning Cream Developers & the Intensive Conditioning Serum, to provide hair with targeted conditioning & structural balancing inside the hair while smoothing the cuticle structure outside the hair during the lightening process.
  • SheildTechnology – is integrated into the High Performance Lighteners, and when mixed with the Conditioning Cream Developer, it creates a protective shield around the SilkproteinComplex, protecting the conditioning agents during oxidation.The result: high performance lightening & shiny, smooth hair.

Topchic Technology Creates New Opportunities

The integrated Protect System ensures brilliant, even colour results that last.

Our patented Coenzyme Technology protects the inner structure of the hair from oxidative damage by neutralizing potentially harmful free radicals.

The Equalizer Polymer balances structural differences of the hair surface & surrounds the hair to create the ideal environment for even penetration of the colour from root to end.

Topchic Max Reds ®

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Fashion Forward Reds – Brighter & Bolder Than Ever

The new TopChic MaxReds shades offer everything clients want: Intensive, vibrant, long-lasting reds.

New Improved Formula:

  • Maximum durability up to +31% more colour durability versus competitors shades (compared to intensive red shades offered by alternative professional competitors in the permanent colour segment).
  • Maximum intensity & shine: +26% more briliance (compared to the previous TopChic MaxReds).
  • Maximum Diversity: 8 vibrant red shades from sensational orange to very violet

Innovative Technology For Superior Results: ChroMax(tm)

  • Extra intensive colour molecules deliver supremely brilliant colour results of the highest intensity.
  • A pure oxidative dye stuff combination delivers exceptionally long-lasting results with reduced staining.

Topchic | TriFlective Naturals

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100% grey coverage with multi-depth reflection.

Topchic TriFlective Naturals – an innovative grey coverage series with customized shades designed for permanent grey coverage and multi-dimensional, natural colour results.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliable 100% grey coverage with multi-depth refection.
  • Natural looking, shimmering dimensional colour results due to the Refects3 System
  • Reliable results
  • The integrated Topchic technology provides brilliant, even & durable colour results.

Reflects3 System Technology

The innovative Reflects3 System enhances colour dimension through a combination of three reflects shining out from deep within the hair.

A perfect concentration of natural intensive reflects cover grey hair. Plus two integrated colour reflects ensure a lively grey coverage result.

Colorance ®


Healthier Than Ever

Colorance is a demi-permanent hair colour that not only protects the hair, but even repairs the hair structure. The healthier the hair, the more beautiful & shining the colour result will be.

  • Fresh, lively & intense colours
  • Outstanding coverage & durability
  • +35% Improved hair structure

More Enticing Than Ever: Innovative Services:

  • Colour Infuse
  • Cover plus – Grey Coverage & Lowlights
  • Express Toning

Colorance (R)

  • Enhances Natural Colour
  • Expressive Fashion Shades
  • Refreshes Coloured Bases
  • Grey Coverage up to 50% (by mixing with an N-Tone)

Colorance | Lowlights

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Natural, long-lasting lowlights in one single step:

After repeated highlighting, hair often becomes over-lightened & looks unnatural. Until now, a time consuming two-step colour processwas required to return over-lightened hair to a natural blonde.

Colorance Lowlights allows you to achieve natural, long-lasting darker effects on over-lightened hair, in one single step.

Features & Benefits:

  • Natural light & dark effects that make hair look like it has been highlighted for the first time.
  • Optimum durability even on stressed hair structures
  • Controlled colour results
  • Innovative technology with integrated pre-pigmentation
  • Four shades ranging from neutral to warm

High Performance Through Advanced Technology – IPP System

Coloured Lowlights combines the tried & tested Acid technology with the Ipp system (Integrated Pre_pigmentation) for natural long-lasting results with supreme shine.

Integrated Pre-Pigmentation System:

The formula contains a special combination of warm colour pigments, which are specially adjusted to the needs of over-lightened hair & penetrate the hair upon application. This makes the need for additional pre-pigmentation a thing of the past.

Colorance Express Toning

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For a Very Special Blonde: Gentle Blonde Refinement in Just 5 Minutes

Blonde clients especially value an individual, luminous blonde & healthy soft & shining hair.

  • Concise colour range
  • Convenient application at shampoo bowl
  • Soft tones / pigments with shine
  • Penetrates hair quickly thanks to improved consistency – processes in just 5 minutes
  • When to use:
    • Apply directly after lightening (full head or highlights)
    • To refresh in-between highlighting services
    • Colour balancing during highlight regrowth service


  • Gentle blonde refinement
  • Shine & reflection
  • Unique suppleness
  • Enduring regeneration thanks to technology with Intralipid(TM)

Refreshingly Fast & Uncomplicated

  • Easy choice of shades
  • Application directly at the basin
  • Processing in just 5 minutes

 The New Service: Express Toning

  • Refinement after a full-head bleach
  • Colour balancing as part of the regrowth highlift service
  • Beautification of the highlights directly after a highlights service
  • Refreshment of the highlights in between two highlights services

Colorance Cover Plus

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Cover Plus-Grey: NN, Triflective Naturals

  • Natural Grey Coverage up to 75%

Cover Plus-Lowlights

  • Natural Reflections on over-lightened / over-highlighted hair

Colorance | Triflective Naturals

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Multi-Dimensional Grey Coverage

Colorance Triflective Naturals – Innovative & customized shades designed for reliable grey coverage with multi-dimensional, natural color results & extraordinary shine.

Features & Benefits:

  • Mild alkaline demi-permanent hair colour with reliable grey coverage up to 75% with multi-depth reflection
  • Natural looking, shimmering, dimensional colour results due to the Reflects3 System
  • Colorance high shine guarantee on all hair structures
  • The integrated Colorance technology provides lone lasting, brilliant colour results with ultra-shine


The innovative Reflects3 System enhances colour dimension through a combination of three reflects shining out from deep within the hair.

A perfect concentration of natural intensive reflects cover grey hair. Plus two integrated color reflects ensure a lively grey coverage result.

The Shade Spectrum:

Colorance Triflective Natural are customized shade creations available in five unique colour directions.