Goldwell ReShade for Men

Goldwell ReShade for Men

Great Results & Fast

The most masculine way to reduce grey – in only 5 minutes!

Reshade is a foam applied at the shampoo basin so it is quick and discreet. It is just like getting your hair shampooed.

Natural Looking results!

The Hybrid Foam Technology provides natural, transparent grey blending- a cool masculine tone with no solid effect. There is no visible regrowth, no reddish or warm tones after shampooing. Reshade gradually shampoo’s out -true to tone. It delivers a refreshed, youthful look.

Perfect for 10-50% Grey

ReShade works best on hair with 10-50% grey. (Higher % of grey may need a different type of product)

There are 5 different levels of depth to choose from to perfectly match your hair and suit your needs.

Easy to Maintain

We recommend getting a ReShade done with every cut (every 4-6 weeks) to keep your hair looking youthful all the time.

Not Just for Men

ReShade is not necessarily “Just for Men”!

We have used it several times on women who just want a slight bit of the white to be blended out- and want to keep that nice cool ashy/ charcoal tone to their hair.