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Introducing Kerasilk Premium

Dull to Dazzling! Cutting Room Creative introduces new Kerasilk Premium range that offers home and in salon solutions for the ultimate in hair care.

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Training & Seminars

On going education is key. Our staff are regularly attending in-salon education to continuously improve and perfect their skills.

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50’s Mens Revamp

1950’s is considered to be the era of revolution in the fashion industry…think James Dean, Marlon Brando and Cary Grant – men in the 50’s were a lot more experimental with their styles and it still forms much of the inspiration for mens styling and suave haircuts to date.

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Your hair is as unique as you! Our complimentary consultations before any service help us achieve the look you'll love!

Are You Loving Your Hair?

Are you wearing your hair or does it wear you? Is upkeep too difficult? Feeling your colour isn’t doing you any favours? You’ve probably got ideas …

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