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The great thing about hair- is that everyone’s is different!
Our pricing varies according to stylists experience and ‘level’ as well as your hair length, thickness, density & condition.
Your hair- is as unique as you are- so we want to take the time to understand exactly what you want it to look and feel like!
We always provide a complimentary consultation before any service.

Make It Right:
If there is ever something not quite perfect with your haircut – Please contact us. We will be more than happy to adjust it for you.
We sincerely appreciate you giving us the opportunity to make it right for you.
Our Policy is that there is no charge for any Re-do’s or adjustments if you let us know in the first week after your service.


All of our pricing shown is the base cost of the services.

Prices will vary/increase according to the length & thickness of your hair as more time and products may be needed. We will give you an approximate quote before beginning any service.

When our stylists are promoted to higher levels, their prices will go up. In respect for your loyalty, your service cost will go up in gradual increments rather than jumping right to the new pricing.

If staying at a particular cost level is your preference, we will recommend another stylist in that price range. Your stylist will be more than happy to be a part of the consultation process to make the transition much easier if you desire. We are a true team salon and we encourage you to stay in our salon no matter what stylist you see. We simply want you to be happy.


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Women's Cut

  • Trainee $25+
  • Junior $35+
  • Intermediate $45+
  • Creative $55+
  • Senior $60+
  • Educational Directors $65+
  • Artistic Director $77.50+

Men's Cut

  • Trainee $25+
  • Junior $30+
  • Intermediate $35+
  • Creative $40+
  • Senior $45+
  • Educational Directors $50+
  • Artistic Director $55+

Kid's Cut

age 10 & under

  • Junior $20+
  • Intermediate $30+
  • Creative $35+

Student pricing for ages 11 to 17 are as in the above chart with approximately a 10% discount.



Other Services

Styling & Finishing

Blow Dry

Our prices are based on time. Curling & Flat-ironing require more time and will be charged accordingly. If you know you’re wanting your hair curled or flat ironed, please request this at the time of booking your appointment.

  • Trainee $20
  • Junior $27.50+
  • Intermediate $30+
  • Creative $32.50+
  • Senior $35+
  • Educational Directors $40+
  • Artistic Director $50+

Upstyles – Weddings, Graduation, Proms & Special Occasions

We encourage clients to schedule a consultation at least 6 month prior to special occasion hair, particularly if you’re requiring colour services as well.

This way we can set up a schedule to fit into your timeline and help you have the best hair you possibly can for your occasion.

  • Junior $70+
  • Intermediate $75+
  • Creative $80+
  • Senior $85+
  • Educational Directors $90+
  • Artistic Director $100+

Colour Services


Elumen is a ‘colour’ unlike any other! It is the first oxidant-free colour without ammonia or peroxide. It causes no damage and provides outstanding vibrancy, shine and durability.

Read more about Elumen


ReShade produces great, fast results on hair with 10-50% grey & it takes only 5 minutes! Reshade is a foam applied at the shampoo basin so it is quick and discreet.

Read more about Re-Shade

New Blonde

Choose from Full Service or Recharge & say goodbye to harsh highlight contrasts & dark regrowth.

Read more about New Blonde


All over base colour with either highlight or lowlight to create texture and dimension in the hair.

Read more about Dimensional Colour services


Regrowth- is an on scalp application to the natural colored hair that has grown out since your last color application.

Read more about Re-Growth colour services


Bal­ayage is a free hand, artis­tic approach to high­lights. Use it for a more nat­ural look or to cre­ate drama.

Read more about Balayage


High­lights ser­vice is a full head appli­ca­tion of foils with at least one colour.

Prices may vary depend­ing on how many colours you choose. No on-scalp appli­ca­tion included.

Read more about Highlights


By con­sul­ta­tion only to estab­lish a cor­rec­tive pro­gram for your spe­cific needs.

Read more about Corrective Colour services


Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Turn Frustrated into Fabulous!

Smooth & silky hair

Easy Styling and Tamed Curls

Lasts for up to 3 – 5 months.

Consultation is needed for individual pricing and booking this service.


Begins at $200

Tris­sola Solo Treatment

Help Eliminate Frizzy Fly Aways!!

Smooth, Strengthen and Shield your hair.

Last’s up to 3 months. Completely Formaldehyde Free!

Consultation is needed for individual pricing and booking this service.


Begins at $160

Prices vary according to thickness & texture of hair as the time spent flat ironing is dependant on this as well as the amount of product needed for the service.

Read more about Trissola Solo

Extenso Moisturist by L’Oreal

Transform your Rebellious- Curly, wavy or Frizzy Hair to Smooth and Shiny hair for up to 60 days.  Completely Formaldehyde Free!

Pricing depends on level of smoothing you desire, which is determined by Consultation.  Pricing and Booking by consultation only.

Begins at $180


Read more about Extenso


Curls Curls Curls!

Perms can help create lots of volume and fun bouncy curls Or just give you a bit of soft movement that helps support and hold your style in longer when you style your hair with waves or curls.

Booking and Individual pricing by Consultation only


Short/ Fine hair- $100+

Longer/ Coarse Hair- $175+

Read more about Perms


Beautiful, Touchable Hair

Designed to thicken and, if you like, lengthen your hair, our extensions look completely natural, blending in with your own hair.

Great Lengths uses only 100% human hair strands. We never use glues, waxes or other materials that could cause hair dam­age.

Extensions are avail­able in 35 hand blended shades, plus 14 Fash­ion shades.  They’re Com­fort­able and com­pletely nat­ural to wear, so you can have the hair you have always dreamed of.

Read more about Great Lengths Extensions



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Dull to Dazzling!
Experience the luxury of Kerasilk.

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50’s Mens Revamp

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50’s Mens Revamp

1950’s is considered to be the era of revolution in the fashion industry…think James Dean, Marlon Brando and Cary Grant – men in the 50’s were a lot more experimental with their styles and it still forms much of the inspiration for mens styling and suave haircuts to date.

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Pompadour on point

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Pompadour on point

The Pompadour, originally named after Madame de Pompadour (King Louis XV mistress) and predominantly remained a female’s hairstyle until rock legend, Elvis Presley, made it famous.The Pompadour is an increasingly popular style among our male clientele be they students, hipsters or businessman.

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Mens Barbering with Candice

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Mens Barbering with Candice

Looking sharp and ready to take on the world!

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Prolong your ‘Do

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Prolong your ‘Do

April is upon us and with that brings thoughts of Spring, longer days, fresh air and Fresh hair!

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Bridal Hairstyling

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Bridal Hairstyling

Behind the scenes of our Bridal photoshoot and wedding styling with our stylist Whitney

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Weddings, Grad, Proms & Special Occasions

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Weddings, Grad, Proms & Special Occasions

Pre-Plan wedding & special occasion hair at least 6 months in advance. We encourage clients to schedule a consultation at least 6 month prior to special occasion hair.

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Amp Up the Style

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Amp Up the Style

Do you want to know how to achieve this updo at home? Whitney creates height and stature with edge by leaving her model’s shiny, long, straightened hair length out. This style can be re-created whether you have a one length bob, a “lob” (long bob) or have a side swept fringe.

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This Is How We Roll

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This Is How We Roll

Brunch at a posh cafe? Gabbing with girlfriends over cocktails? Perhaps a power business meeting?
A sleek and sophisticated French Roll is a classic way to style the hair back while retaining a soft, feminine flair.

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New Repair.Me

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New Repair.Me

REPAIR.ME – The Repair system for dry, damaged, chemically, colour treated hair.

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